• Easy to use
  • No more ladders
  • Anti-rust
  • 100% Money-back guarantee


save time on cargo securement

give your team peace of mind

The Gavase Tool can hold all common types of corner protectors safely and securely. Get the job done right with Gavase Tool. Find out how it works now!


No more flatbed ladders for scaling the walls of your cargo and/or flatbed.​ Eliminate fall hazards with this flatbed  tool for  tie down straps corner protectors. and winch straps

  • Easy to use with a  12 feet, 3 section industrial grade ext pole. (Recommend)

  • Works on 99% of all corner protectors, vee boards, tie down straps and chains.

the team

The majority of falls are caused by:

  • Entering/exiting the truck cab

  • Falling off the back of the trailer or lift gate

  • Missing a step or getting a foot caught in the rung of a ladder

  • Ladders slipping out from underneath

Epifanio flores

Epifanio brings a background in technical engineering.


Each year, 1 out of 13 truck drivers has a work related injury that results in loss work, time, and compensation claims.

  • Improve workplace safety

  • Prevent word-related injuries

  • Give you and your team peace of mind

The Gavase Tool simply gives you the ability to put your 4" tie down strap corner protectors into place on your flatbed loads.  It also allows you to run the straps from side to side while standing on the ground. You remain safe and your loads are safely secured. ratchet winch trailer winch

The Gavase Tool can hold all common types of corner protectors safely and securely. Get the job done right with Gavase Tool!

Our team has solid backgrounds in both technical engineering and flatbed cargo hauling. You get the benefit of experience that's been acquired year after year, job after job.

Meet Our Team

The drivers appreciate the safety it provides, and the trucking companies are fans of the time it saves.  Get the flatbed straps corner protector safety tool that is revolutionizing our flatbed trucking safety industry.

The Gavase Tool is a strap corner protector installation tool and is just a good old fashioned great product.

We leave the bells and whistles to the other guys and we'll just give you the tool that will revolutionize the trucking industry and soon become the new norm of securing our flatbed trucking loads.

Buy one, free shipping on the second item on your order TO U.S. & CANADA.

The revolutionary new tool for the flatbed trucking safety industry.

benefits of the gavase tool

reduce & prevent fall hazards

  • Improve flatbed trailer safety
  • Reduce & prevent falls
  • Increase productivity
  • Peace of mind

ricardo flores

Ricardo knows first-hand how risky hauling loads can be with over 20 years of experience.

​ Flatbed Strap Edge Corner Protectors & V Boards Safety Tool

how it works



Epifanio and Ricardo created this tool with one thing in mind, flatbed trailer safety. This tool allows the driver the ability to stay grounded as they lock down their flatbed trailer loads. Save time, no flatbed ladders, no climbing to secure 4" winch ratchet cargo tie-down straps, this tool will get the job done quickly and a lot more safely. It's a heavy duty 4" cargo tie-down strap, strap protector, and tie down straps tool.