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OSHA Report

   Devon Anderson, August 12 at 11:21am
Love this tool, got it last week and has done very well!

Corey Ferdinand Only an idiot would put straps over a tarp.........but the tool works good ....been using a tool like that for years..

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That's right, 100%!

Jenny Damm
August 16 at 12:21am
I just showed him. He said he has never seen one that can do the V boards before.

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Doug Thatcher I have bought them for some of my driver's and they like them. They say they are great for out on the road and in the yard they like using them instead of waiting for a rolling ladder to become available. I now have to place an order for the others that didn't think they wanted one until they saw their coworkers using them.

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The Gavase Tool has taken to the streets and the people seem to love what it does.  The drivers appreciate the safety it provides, and the trucking companies are fans of the time it saves.  Don't wait another day, get the product that is revolutionizing our flatbed trucking safety industry.

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100% positive feedback seller *ebay

Great job Ricky. I love my Gavase Tool! It simply make my flatbedding easier. -Dappa1276


Item shipped ve ry fast, Great seller to work with. A++++     Oct 12, 2015

​Great eSeller, & FAST shipping!!! Thx...Feb 25, 2015


Very Fast Shipping, Great Seller to deal with. Had product within 3 days.   Feb 09, 2015

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