The Gavase Tool simply gives you the ability to put your 4" tie down strap corner protectors into place on your flatbed loads.  It also allows you to run the straps from side to side while standing on the ground. You remain safe and your loads are safely secured.

The Gavase Tool can hold all common types of corner protectors safely and securely. Get the job done right with Gavase Tool.


This installation tool prevents fall hazards from:

  • Falling off the back of the trailer or the liftgate
  • Missing a step or getting a foot caught in a rung of the ladder
  • Ladders slipping out from underneath a worker


Fall hazards have already gone because the Gavase Tool was born: flatbed ladders hazards prevention occupational health and safety

​ flatbed ladders

  • Trailer Semi Truck Ladders
  • Truck Trailer Safety Ladder
  • Trailer Step Ladder
  • Safety Rolling Ladders
The revolutionary new tool for the flatbed trucking safety industry.

You can't find a better deal for a flatbed straps corner protectors safety tool that will provide you so much!

  • It's only $37.95
  • We offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Use it at work or home
  • It will help keep you safe
The Gavase Tool is just a good old fashioned great product. We leave the bells and whistles to the other guys and we'll just give you the tool that will revolutionize the trucking industry and soon become the new norm of securing our flatbed trucking loads.


Flatbed Ladders, Fall Hazards Prevention | Protection Tool.

see it in action

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