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Recommend: One Extension Pole, 3 sections,12 feet long, industrial grade.

  • Because it only cost $34.95
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  • And you keep yourself safe

For the fleets out there, show your drivers that you care, and increase productivity. When you ordrer more than 20 Gavase Tool you will get a special price.  Give your team the peace of mind they deserve.  Contac Us today to learn more, and to get a free quote.

There is no need to make anything more confusing than it needs to be.  The Gavase Tool simply gives you the ability to put your corner protectors into place on your flatbed loads.  It also allows you to run the straps from side to side  while standing on the ground.  You remain safe and your loads is safely secured.

For a demo of the product and a look at how easy it is done.  The Gavase Tool can hold all common types of corner protectors safely and securely. Get the job done right with Gavase Tool

One of the best safety tool.

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The revolutionary new tool for the flatbed trucking safety industry.

The Gavase Tool is just a good old fashioned great product.  We'll leave the bells and whistles to the other guys and we'll just give you the tool that will revolutionize the trucking industry and soon become the new norm of securing our flatbed trucking loads.